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Nicole Callahan: Destiny, Legacy and Literature 

Reposted from English Education. Written by Karin Van Orman.

Nicole Callahan is a high school English teacher living in Hermosa Beach, California. This fall, she returns to Columbia University as a Zankel Fellow and Doctoral student in the Teaching of English Department. You attended Columbia University as an undergrad. What is most exciting about returning to your alma mater and New York City? There …

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Finding More Questions: An Interview with Rachel Althof  ☆

I think people just do what they do and they try to do it well. The most important thing is to find the natural inclinations. That's what happened to me. It wasn't an argument that I made against being a professional artist, it was more that education was pulling me in. Now that I've come …

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Karin Van Orman: Packing Her Suitcase  ☆

Any reflective high-school teacher sees her students arrive to the high school classroom with a rich educational history. Every time students have an interaction with a teacher it informs their attitudes. They are filling a suitcase with their experiences. I want to gain experience working with students in earlier phases, while their suitcases are still …

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Christine Gentry: Teaching is Performing  ☆

Teaching is performing. I'm also involved in extracurricular activities like the drama club and the creative writing club. I love teaching kids to write. I was lucky enough to be able to teach a creative writing class when my school offered one a few years ago. We did publication celebrations where the whole school came …

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Third Annual Student Outreach Showcase 

The third annual Student Outreach Showcase was an opportunity for TC students to exhibit the work that they have done in New York schools and the surrounding community. Held on Thursday, May 6, 2010, this year's Student Outreach Showcase consisted of Teachers College students and affiliates from more than twenty organizations.

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