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Students Organize LANSI 5th Annual Conference, Share Knowledge and New Opportunities 

  Each semester Teachers College is bursting with events both student and faculty-led. Some are movie screenings, others are lectures, and some are full-blown conferences with online streaming, attracting academics from around the world. Whether large or small, each of these events need to be publicized, hopefully catered and facilitated. This past November, the Applied …

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NYS TESOL AL Marks 36th Annual Winter Conference 

By Matty Espino for TESOL/Applied Linguistics The 37th Annual Applied Linguistics Winter Conference (ALWC), hosted by the Program in TESOL and Applied Linguistics, will take place Saturday, March 5, 2016 at Teachers College. In anticipation, we thought we'd take a look back at last year's conference.   The 36th annual New York State Teaching English to Speakers …

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Rethinking Assessment: An Interview with Dr. James Purpura  ☆

This past summer, I met with several graduate students in the Applied Linguistics program, all of whom have made notable strides in their disciplines. Two students, Fred Tsutagawa and Saerhim Oh, Ph.d. Students in the Applied Linguistics program, are now completing their third year in an internship program with Educational Testing Service (ETS). A third …

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Fostering Regional Ties: Applied Linguistics Student at the Second Asian Association for Language Assessment Conference in Bangkok 

By Rongchan Lin How do we evaluate language assessment using ‘fairness’ and ‘justice’? In his engaging address at the 2nd Annual Asian Association for Language Assessment (AALA) Conference, Professor Antony Kunnan, President of AALA, prompted the audience to think about how language assessment should be fair to test takers, and how institutions …

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Q&A with Fred Tsutagawa and Saerhim Oh, Doc Students in the AL/TESOL Program 

Teachers College and the Educational Testing Service (ETS) held the first ever joint forum on Teaching, Learning and the Assessment of English Language Learners this past April. Two Teachers College doctoral students who have been heavily involved at both institutions are Fred Tsutagawa and Saerhim Oh. Both were offered ETS fellowships three years ago, and …

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TESOL Cert Program Embraces Online Classroom in New Blended Learning Format 

Now more than ever, the internet and technological advances have changed the way educators and students alike view the classroom as a learning space, both in its physical form and synchronous online incarnation. The TESOL Certificate Program, a non-credit program which leads to a certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, has embraced …

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Catching up with AL/TESOL Instructor Catherine Box 

Last year we profiled AL/TESOL doctoral student and instructor Catherine Box. We decided to catch up and see what’s new in her life. She provided us with warm, honest and delightful answers. And she gave a bit of advice to TC about climate control.

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Research into Language Acquisition in the First Stages Presented in AL/TESOL Lecture 

Teachers College welcomed Associate Professor of English and Linguistics Rebekah Rast from The American University of Paris, France on December 16, 2015. Professor Rast arrived to a crowded reception of Applied Linguistics and TESOL students eager to hear emerging findings from one of the pioneers of language acquisition at first exposure.

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Professor James Paul Gee Inspires at APPLE Lecture 

This year’s 15th Annual APPLE Lecture Series opened to a reception of nearly 100 students, faculty and visitors to hear Professor James Paul Gee of Arizona State University. As part of an ongoing effort to collaborate with students, the Applied Linguistics and TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) program asked students to …

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Call for Master’s Student Proposals Deadline Approaches 

The deadline to turn in proposals to present at the 2nd Annual Bilingual/Bicultural Ed. & Applied Linguistics/TESOL Student Symposium is this Friday, March 13, by 5pm EST. This year's conference theme is “Language Instruction & Learning: Field Applications.”

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New AL/TESOL Lecturer Beth Clark-Gareca at Fall Brown Bag Luncheon 

Dr. Clark-Gareca is the newest lecturer to join the AL and TESOL program this fall. The presentation for this installment of the Brown Bag Lunch focused on Dr. Clark-Gareca’s dissertation entitled, “Sometimes an F+ is Good: Elementary English Language Learners and Classroom Content Tasks.”

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Preview: 36th Annual NYS TESOL Applied Linguistics Winter Conference  ☆

Applied Lingustics/TESOL alumna Dr Santoi Wagner headlines the NYS TESOL Applied Linguistics Winter Conference, held at Teachers College on March 7.

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TESOL/AL Roundtable’s Fall 2014 Research Forum, a Relaxed and Lively Event  ☆

This November marked the first research forum of the year for the student-led TESOL and AL Roundtable group. Roundtable Co-chairs, Mariana Cruz and Stacy Hall, organized the function during the fall semester. “It’s a good chance for peers to present research in a relaxed setting,” Ms. Cruz said. She explained that it not only supports …

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2015 APPLE Lecture 

The Applied Linguistics (AL) and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Program hosts their annual APPLE Lecture on Friday, February 6. This year’s speaker is Professor James Paul Gee, the Mary Lou Fulton Presidential Professor of Literacy Studies and Regents’ Professor at Arizona State University. Professor Gee’s evening lecture is titled, “Language, the …

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Research Contributing to Social Change 

On the weekend of October 3 - 4, 2014, researchers, graduate students and colleagues alike gathered at TC for creating a collaborative learning space once again: We proudly held “The 4th annual meeting of LANSI” (The Language and SocialInteraction Working Group). The topics discussed varied from classroom discourse to medical office interaction, from flirtation on …

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BBE & TESOL/AL Symposium: Foreign Language Learning from Different Perspectives 

Towards the end of Spring Term 2014, the Bilingual Bicultural Education (BBE) program and the TESOL/Applied Linguistics (TESOL/AL) program held their first joint symposium at which M.A. and Ed.M. students from both programs presented their work to the audience. While the TESOL/AL program has always been nested in the Department of Arts and Humanities, the …

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Profile of Catherine Box, Instructor for Arts and Humanities  ☆

What brought you to TC? Why did you want to study here? Before TC, I had been teaching English at a high school in Paris. The school I was working in considered me an expert on teaching English simply because I was a native English speaker. In fact, as time went on, I realized that …

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TESOL & Applied Linguistics: Adolescent Literacies in Three Urban Contexts 

On Friday, April 11, the Applied Linguistics/TESOL Program held its 14th APPLE Lecture Series that consisted of two lectures by Professor Alister Cumming from University of Toronto. In the first lecture titled “Assessing Multiple Dimensions of Adolescent Literacies in a Multicultural Context,” Cumming presented a year-long case study on 21 adolescents from culturally diverse backgrounds …

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Student Spotlight: Rongchan Lin Attends Youth Assembly at the United Nations  ☆

It seemed that for Rongchan Lin, pursuing social entrepreneurship is a life goal that is as important as completing her doctoral studies in the Applied Linguistics program at Teachers College.  Nominated by the Overseas Singaporean Unit and selected by the National Youth Council of Singapore, Lin became one of two Singapore delegates to participate in …

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Student Spotlight: Tristan Thorne – Asian Students Using English Names  ☆

Sociolinguistics has been of particular interest to Tristan Thorne, a second-year MA student in Applied Linguistics, and when the opportunity for a hypothetical research project arose in his Research Literacy class, he thought of conducting a survey on Asian students taking English names. Thorne said that the idea came from his personal experience and interest …

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