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New Faculty Luciana de Oliveira  ☆

When she came to the US in 1997, fresh out of college, Luciana de Oliveira simply wanted to hone in on her English. “I decided to just come and improve my English,” she said. “I was planning on going back to Brazil and starting my own English school.” That goal eventually changed when she met …

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Cheng-Ling Alice Chen, Recipient of the Dean’s Grant for Student Research  ☆

Alice Chen, 2012 recipient of the Dean’s Grant for Student Research, knew from an early age that she wanted to be a teacher. After living in Texas for four years while her father earned his PhD, Chen went back to her home in Taipei, Taiwan with a proficiency in English that set her apart.

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Teacher-Student Talk  ☆

Teachers in training are often told what they need to do to effectively deliver information to their students. But how does that actually look? How does it sound? The how is exactly what TESOL/Applied Linguistics doctoral student Sarah Creider is seeking to uncover through her research.

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Exploring Discourse Analysis 

Dr. Hansun Zhang Waring, Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics and TESOL at Teachers College, is bringing a wealth of learning opportunities to the discourse analysis research community. As founder of the Language and Social Interaction Working Group (LANSI), Dr. Waring oversees a monthly meeting of professors, researchers, and students who come together to work on …

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Spotlight on Alumna Monika Ekiert: “A product of TC!”  ☆

Dr. Monika Ekiert received her doctorate in Applied Linguistics (AL) from TC in May, 2010. She also holds a Master of Arts degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from TC.  She has collectively spent nine years at the college in a variety of capacities (including a revamp of the Community Language …

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TESOL and Applied Linguistics Programs Host APPLE Events!  ☆

On Friday, February 11th, the TESOL and Applied Linguistics programs were proud to host the annual Applied Linguistics & Language Education (APPLE) lecture events. Funded through a generous donation by Language Innovations, Inc., the APPLE lectures were created by Professor Emeritus Leslie Beebe, who wanted to give students in the Applied Linguistics and TESOL programs …

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Conference Happenings  ☆

Arts & Humanities students and faculty are in heavy rotation this season, presenting at the world’s leading academic conferences. Stay tuned for a series of articles that will recap these presentations and investigate TC’s impact on academia today.

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Creativity Brown Bag 

How does creativity factor into the teaching of TESOL and Applied Linguistics? What about Social Studies or Technology? Professor Lori Custodero sat down with faculty from all over the college for two brown bag lunch discussions, on March 3rd and March 31st, to talk about the role of creativity in education and research across multiple …

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At the Interface Between Research and Practice: Professor ZhaoHong Han  ☆

With her ongoing research, publications, and teaching, Dr. ZhaoHong Han, Associate Professor of Language and Education, is at the forefront of the interface between research and practice. A strong belief in the importance of using research to inform teaching drives her professional interests and accomplishments, resulting in continuous contributions to the field of Second Language …

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2011 APPLE Lecture 

You are cordially invited... To APPLE 2011!! The TESOL and Applied Linguistics Programs in the Department of Arts and Humanities invite you to the annual APPLE (Applied Linguistics & Education) Lecture on Friday, February 11, 2011. Our speaker for this year is Professor Thomas Cobb from the University of Québec at Montréal. Professor Cobb teaches and …

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Rosetta Stone on Campus! 

The Rosetta Stone is finally here! Brought to you by the Student Senate, the Rosetta Stone language learning software is now available for your use here at Teachers College. This award winning program uses a method that mirrors the way first languages are learned. Through this software, you will be able to study English, Spanish …

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Merging Research and Practice: Professor Michael Kieffer  ☆

Michael Kieffer, Assistant Professor of Language and Education for the TESOL and Applied Linguistics programs, is making a difference in public schools across the United States. His research, which primarily focuses on the literacy development of English language learners in K-12 schools, is an outstanding example of work that both informs and is informed by …

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An Innovative Conference: Second Language Acquisition of Chinese 

On October 1st and 2nd, an exciting inaugural event took place at Teachers College: the Applied Linguistics program hosted the tremendously successful Teachers College, Columbia University Roundtable in Second Language Studies (TCCRISLS) on the theme of Second Language Acquisition of Chinese. Professor Zhaohong Han, Associate Professor of Language and Education for the TESOL and Applied …

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Academic Resource Guide 

Teachers College online resources can be a difficult to find because of the vast amount of material that is available. If you've ever tried looking for a specific topic within the TC online world, you know that it can be a confusing place. But there's no need to despair- A&H's Academic Resource guide can help! …

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