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Arts Administration Program Upholds Robust Professional and Academic Experiences 

It’s no secret that leaving the academic sphere and entering the formal workforce can be an intimidating yet necessary transition. That is why the Program in Arts Administration at Teachers College developed their own in-house internship program, and have over the past three years reinvented the program to ensure students have a balance of academic …

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ALAS Building Bridges Panel Emphasizes Uniting Communities through Art and Education 

The third panel through the Association of Latin American Students (ALAS) was held on Thursday, April 2 to a room filled with artists, educators, and arts administrators. Called Building Bridges: Museums, Communities, and Latin American Art, the panel brought together people who shared a common goal of uniting their museums and communities through their unique …

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Prof. Steven Dubin talks “Global Contamination” at TEDxCaserta 

In early February, ARAD program coordinator and professor Dr. Steven Dubin was able to take a break from the cold and dreary New York weather to take part in a TEDx event held in Caserta, Italy.

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Getting Hyperallergic: Arts Administration Distinguished Speaker Series  ☆

It’s a graduate student’s dream to engage with industry professionals in an informal setting, to listen as they regale stories of their professional journey. Sometimes, it’s the anecdotes that offer the most insight. Sometimes, it’s a cautionary tale or lesson learned from a mistake that prove to be invaluable.

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The Internship Experience in Arts Administration  ☆

For Arts Administration (ARAD) students at Teachers College, participating in an internship of their choosing is a key component of the program. This experience goes beyond mere participation for most students as they engage in and truly enjoy their intern positions. Working in tandem with directors of development, directors of marketing, gallery curators and more, …

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Distinguished Speaker Series: ARAD Reflections 

The Distinguished Speaker series was piloted by Dr. Lena in the Arts Administration (ARAD) program to integrate a higher level of practical experience into the research-based curriculum. Begun as a guest speaker series for the Principles and Practices course in Fall of 2013, the first round of visiting administrators included alumnae of the program such …

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ARAD Extraordinaire: Juliana Driever 

Adjunct faculty member for The City University of New York, writer, curator, and alumna of Columbia University’s Department of Art History and Archaeology, Juliana Driever has joined the staff of TC this semester as the new Internship Coordinator for the Arts Administration (ARAD) program. Most departments at TC require their students to gain experience by teaching …

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Developing Characters: Private Lives in Tense Times  ☆

A visit to the local art gallery may serve as a break from your regular routine, or perhaps a gallery visit is your first stop each weekend. Regardless of your gallery viewing habits, would you be curious if a foreign curator arrived to announce an exhibition about your city during the height of apartheid? Dr. Steven Dubin …

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New Faculty Jennifer Lena  ☆

Dr. Jennifer Lena: Scholarly Muse At the start of the Fall semester, Teachers College proudly welcomed Dr. Jennifer Lena as Associate Professor of Arts Administration. After receiving both her Masters and Ph.D. of Sociology at Columbia University, Dr. Lena ventured beyond New York for myriad academic pursuits around the country. Currently an active researcher and …

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‘Spearheading Debate: Culture Wars & Uneasy Truces’, with Steven Dubin  ☆

"As South Africa's democracy matures, this book analyses the following questions: how does the state mediate between traditional tribal authority and constitutional law in matters such as initiation customs or the rights of women, children and gay people? "

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The Development of Orchestrated Collisions: A Summer at Signature Theatre Company  ☆

By Erin Moore M.A. Candidate, Arts Administration At most theatres, it would be unusual and thrilling to see the playwright of a particular production lounging in the lobby most afternoons. It would be even more unusual to see two playwrights, both with current productions being mounted, happening upon each other in the lobby. This would …

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Career Panel and Education Career Fair this Wednesday 

CAREERS IN ARTS ADMINISTRATION AND EDUCATION PANEL Wednesday March 6, 2013 12:30 pm- 1:30 pm Columbia University, Lerner Hall, Room 555 Come hear from alumni and guest panelists working in arts administration and/or education about the roles they perform, how their degrees prepared them for their roles and working within their organizations. Don't forget to …

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Graduate Spotlight: Tali Cherizli, Arts Administration 

Tali Cherizli graduated in May with a Masters in Arts Administration, and subsequently began an internship at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France. Prior to attending Teachers College, Tali was the Director of Film and Media at the Israeli Consulate.

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Student Spotlight on Research: Suzi Bigliani  ☆

Suzi Bigliani is currently completing her Masters in Arts Administration at Teachers College, Columbia University. Prior to attending Teachers College she worked in business and client development at Christie’s Auction House.

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Unlocking the Mysteries of a Photographic Archive  ☆

Dr. Steven Dubin’s interest in South Africa began in 2000 when he visited the country on the way to delivering a paper at a conference in Namibia and discovered that everything he was studying in America was happening in South Africa as well, with incredible urgency. On his latest annual research trip to South Africa, …

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Arts Administration Internship Program: Building on a Dynamic Reputation  ☆

The Arts Administration (ARAD) internship program has developed an outstanding reputation for providing talented interns to New York City cultural institutions. In turn, organizations offer ARAD students internship experiences that are both educational and beneficial for their future careers.

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Spotlight on Jessica Moore: Arts Administration Master’s Student  ☆

Jessica is a second year Arts Administration Master’s student. She did her undergraduate studies at Emory University in Atlanta where she majored in Dance and Journalism and minored in Music. She has worked for the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts and recently interned at IMG Artists. She is a pianist, a freelance dance critic, and …

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Spotlight on Arts Administration Student Kate Place  ☆

Kate is a second year Arts Administration student. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatrical Directing from Boston University. She worked on the 2008 and 2009 Tribeca Film Festivals, and is currently the Internship Coordinator for the Arts Administration program and the Company Manager at Barrow Street Theater. She has directed a numerous …

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Professor Joan Jeffri and the RCAC to join the National Center for Creative Aging  ☆

Professor Joan Jeffri and the center she created, the The Research Center for Arts and Culture (RCAC), will depart from Teachers College this September. The RCAC will join the National Center for Creative Aging in Washington, D.C., where Jeffri will continue at its helm. The degree program in Arts Administration, which Jeffri also directs, will …

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Conference Happenings  ☆

Arts & Humanities students and faculty are in heavy rotation this season, presenting at the world’s leading academic conferences. Stay tuned for a series of articles that will recap these presentations and investigate TC’s impact on academia today.

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