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History & Ed Brings Multiple Disciplines Together for “Classroom Wars” Book Talk 

Professor Ansley Erickson (left) and Professor Natalia Petrzela exchange a few quick words before beginning the lecture.   “Schools have been the ‘battleground’ around issues of diversity for as long as they’ve existed,” said Dr. Ansley Erickson, Assistant Professor of History and Education at Teachers College. “Exactly what question of diversity or what type of …

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Program in Bilingual Bicultural Ed Holds Professional Development Workshop for New Special Ed Track 

Professor Patricia Martínez-Álvarez is the principal investigator for the NYC DOE funded BiSPED program and is leading the professional developmetn workshop. Photo by Nori Kato   Imagine a classroom in a multicultural urban city where half of the students are learning English as their second language and a third of those students are characterized as …

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TESOL and BBE Student Symposium Showcases Intellect and Friendship 

A schism sometimes forms when two related but different fields of study develop misconceptions about one another. The Bilingual/Bicultural Education program at Teachers College holds close the idea that speaking multiple languages is indeed a strength, while the Applied Linguistics/Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) program puts particular emphasis on how languages are …

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The Collaboration and Connection of A&H in the City 

Catherine Box, Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz, and Patricia Martinez-Álvarez (left to right). Photo by Margaret Ferrec.   On Thursday, December 10th, TC faculty and alumni came together for an unforgettable evening of dancing, learning, sharing, and connecting at The Joan Weill Center for Dance, home of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater for A&H in the City: …

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Professor Carmen Martínez-Roldán Wins the Edward B. Fry Book Award 

This past December, Professor Carmen Martínez-Roldán and her co-authors, Evelyn Arizpe, from The University of Glasgow and Teresa Colomer from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, received the Edward B. Fry Book Award at the Literary Research Association Conference in California. The award is given to Literary Research Association members who author …

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The Program in Bilingual Bicultural Education Introduces a New Special Education Track 

A constant struggle for educators these days in urban and multicultural contexts is how to meet the needs of students from diverse backgrounds. For a small gathering of 15 interested guests, a glance at a new track in the Program for Bilingual Bicultural Education explained how they planned to meet these needs. “We are looking …

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BBE Annual Speaker Series: Dr. Elana Shohamy on Equitable Testing of Multi-Bilingual Populations 

Speaking with fervent urgency, Dr. Elana Shohamy's presentation at Teachers College, “Critical Issues of Assessment of Multi-Bilingual Populations,” focused on challenging language tests, the penalization of multilingual and immigrant populations and recognizing the advantages of bilingualism rather than the problems many claim it incurs.

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EdM Student Minhye Son Thwarts Language-based Discrimination in her Work 

When EdM student Minhye Son first came to the United States, she was still learning English. Far from her home and culture in Busan, South Korea, Mrs. Son encountered a disquieting occurrence endured by many English language learners. Her experience rippled through the rest of her academic and professional life.

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BBE’s MA Students Present Research Findings at Annual IPP 

The Bilingual/Bicultural Education Program welcomed it’s students back to Teachers College this spring for the annual Integrative Project Presentations held on February 16, 2015. The day-long procession of presentations consisted of 20 different Master’s candidates, each sectioned into five different categories.

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Call for Master’s Student Proposals Deadline Approaches 

The deadline to turn in proposals to present at the 2nd Annual Bilingual/Bicultural Ed. & Applied Linguistics/TESOL Student Symposium is this Friday, March 13, by 5pm EST. This year's conference theme is “Language Instruction & Learning: Field Applications.”

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The Case for Expansive Learning with Bilingual Education 

“Hao Hao, what did you create?” “He didn’t create a landscape. He made a hand,” a friend says. “That is the giant’s hand,” says Hao Hao. “Why did you think of a giant’s hand as the landscape?” “It’s Buddha’s magic palm,” Hao Hao says as he gestures to the teacher candidate. “What’s Buddha’s magic palm?” …

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BBE & TESOL/AL Symposium: Foreign Language Learning from Different Perspectives 

Towards the end of Spring Term 2014, the Bilingual Bicultural Education (BBE) program and the TESOL/Applied Linguistics (TESOL/AL) program held their first joint symposium at which M.A. and Ed.M. students from both programs presented their work to the audience. While the TESOL/AL program has always been nested in the Department of Arts and Humanities, the …

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MA Students in Bilingual/Bicultural Education Program Participate in IP Presentation  ☆

On February 17, 2014, students of the Bilingual/Bicultural Education (BBE) program presented their master’s thesis research work at the Integrative Project (IP) conference. IP presentation is an annual event in which BBE students discuss the research work they have conducted for their master’s thesis. “The big goal of the project in addition to meeting the …

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Bilingual Students with Learning Disabilities: Expansive Learning Opportunities in Science 

When Dr. Patricia Martínez-Álvarez had told her friend’s Spanish- English bilingual son, Sebastian, who has a learning disability, “Hello” in Spanish, he responded, “How old are you?” She approached her friend to tell her that it might be considered socially inappropriate to ask the age of an adult. Her friend, however, explained that immediately after …

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EVENT: Pedagogy of Social Imagination in Language Learning/Teaching 

This Thursday, November 7, the Bilingual/Bicultural Education program, a part of the Department of Arts and Humanities will be hosting a symposium titled Pedagogy of Social Imagination in Language Learning and Teaching. The symposium, which will last from 10a.m-12p.m and take place in Grace Dodge 277, focuses on the "multidimensional treatment of language learning and …

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New Faculty Sharon Chang  ☆

To Sharon Chang, a new faculty member in the Bilingual/Bicultural Education Program at Teachers College, identity has always been a deep personal and academic interest to her. Born and raised in Taiwan, Chang has an interesting history when it comes to her acquisition of her Mandarin, which has significantly influenced her identity. “You have to …

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Arts & Humanities End of Year Faculty Meeting 

The final Arts & Humanities Faculty meeting of the year included a celebration of Professor Maria Torres-Guzman's retirement and a brief presentation of all that went on at the conference held in her honor. Professor Torres-Guzman gracefully thanked her colleagues and the department, and, despite being an outgoing faculty member, expressed her solidarity with the …

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Celebration of Maria Torres-Guzman’s Scholarship  ☆

On Friday, May 3rd and Saturday, May 4th the Program in Bilingual/Bicultural Education invited current students, graduates, faculty and colleagues from across Teachers College to join in celebrating the career and legacy of Professor Maria Torres-Guzman on the occasion of her retirement. A two-day conference sponsored by the Blue Sky Asian-American Research Foundation along with the Arts & Humanities …

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Alumna Spotlight: Johari Murray’s Not a Language School 

Originally from New York, Johari is an all-terrain language teacher with her MA '02 from Teachers College in Deaf and Bilingual Education. She has taught English and Spanish from k-12 and on the university level. With her background spanning private and public schools as well as urban and rural communities, she has reached a childhood …

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Graduate Spotlight: Gillian Esquivia-Cohen, Bilingual/Bicultural Education  ☆

For the past two years as a student in TC’s Bilingual/Bicultural Education program, Gillian Esquivia-Cohen has been working with child immigrants, new-arrivals to U.S. classrooms, and researching traumatic immigration (trauma that results from severe psychological stress either immediately before, during, or immediately after the immigration process.) Traumatic immigration is much more common than educators and …

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