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BBE & TESOL/AL Symposium: Foreign Language Learning from Different Perspectives 

Towards the end of Spring Term 2014, the Bilingual Bicultural Education (BBE) program and the TESOL/Applied Linguistics (TESOL/AL) program held their first joint symposium at which M.A. and Ed.M. students from both programs presented their work to the audience. While the TESOL/AL program has always been nested in the Department of Arts and Humanities, the …

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Profile of Catherine Box, Instructor for Arts and Humanities  ☆

What brought you to TC? Why did you want to study here? Before TC, I had been teaching English at a high school in Paris. The school I was working in considered me an expert on teaching English simply because I was a native English speaker. In fact, as time went on, I realized that …

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TESOL & Applied Linguistics: Adolescent Literacies in Three Urban Contexts 

On Friday, April 11, the Applied Linguistics/TESOL Program held its 14th APPLE Lecture Series that consisted of two lectures by Professor Alister Cumming from University of Toronto. In the first lecture titled “Assessing Multiple Dimensions of Adolescent Literacies in a Multicultural Context,” Cumming presented a year-long case study on 21 adolescents from culturally diverse backgrounds …

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Student Spotlight: Rongchan Lin Attends Youth Assembly at the United Nations  ☆

It seemed that for Rongchan Lin, pursuing social entrepreneurship is a life goal that is as important as completing her doctoral studies in the Applied Linguistics program at Teachers College.  Nominated by the Overseas Singaporean Unit and selected by the National Youth Council of Singapore, Lin became one of two Singapore delegates to participate in …

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Student Spotlight: Tristan Thorne – Asian Students Using English Names  ☆

Sociolinguistics has been of particular interest to Tristan Thorne, a second-year MA student in Applied Linguistics, and when the opportunity for a hypothetical research project arose in his Research Literacy class, he thought of conducting a survey on Asian students taking English names. Thorne said that the idea came from his personal experience and interest …

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New Faculty Luciana de Oliveira  ☆

When she came to the US in 1997, fresh out of college, Luciana de Oliveira simply wanted to hone in on her English. “I decided to just come and improve my English,” she said. “I was planning on going back to Brazil and starting my own English school.” That goal eventually changed when she met …

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TESOL Topics: ETS Presentation 

The TESOL and Applied Linguistics Programs would like to extend a warm thanks to Dr. Philip Everson and Emilie Pooler from Educational Testing Service (ETS) for their innovative presentation on computer-based testing at TC this past Thursday, April 11th. At the presentation, Dr. Everson and Ms. Pooler shared with TC students and faculty the groundbreaking …

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Cheng-Ling Alice Chen, Recipient of the Dean’s Grant for Student Research  ☆

Alice Chen, 2012 recipient of the Dean’s Grant for Student Research, knew from an early age that she wanted to be a teacher. After living in Texas for four years while her father earned his PhD, Chen went back to her home in Taipei, Taiwan with a proficiency in English that set her apart.

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Graduate Spotlight: Daniel Mann, Applied Linguistics  ☆

Daniel Mann graduated this May with his Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics. Looking back at his time at TC, one of the biggest take-aways for him is the ability to relate to a variety of people on different levels.

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Conversations from the Classroom: Revisiting Marisa Militello’s student teaching experience 

In the fall, we looked at TESOL student Marisa Militello’s experience as a student teacher in an elementary ESL classroom. Now in her final semester at TC, Ms. Militello has been student teaching at the secondary level.

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Teacher-Student Talk  ☆

Teachers in training are often told what they need to do to effectively deliver information to their students. But how does that actually look? How does it sound? The how is exactly what TESOL/Applied Linguistics doctoral student Sarah Creider is seeking to uncover through her research.

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New Faculty: Dr. Inez Heath  ☆

We’d like to warmly welcome Dr. Inez A. Heath who is joining our TESOL/AL program as a lecturer.  Dr. Heath, who is originally from Gainesville, Florida earned her PhD in Multilingual, Multicultural Education from Florida State University, with a secondary concentration in International Development Education. Dr. Heath has a passion for indigenous cultures and South …

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New Faculty: Dr. Arieh Sherris 

Returning from Saudi Arabia, Ghana, and Mt. Kilimanjaro this year, Dr. Ari Sherris is a welcome addition to the TESOL/AL program. With a Ph.D in Second Language Learning from George Mason University, Dr. Sherris has lived and worked in a variety of places and fields, most of which related to education and education reform. Most recently in Saudi Arabia, he co-founded …

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Exploring Discourse Analysis 

Dr. Hansun Zhang Waring, Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics and TESOL at Teachers College, is bringing a wealth of learning opportunities to the discourse analysis research community. As founder of the Language and Social Interaction Working Group (LANSI), Dr. Waring oversees a monthly meeting of professors, researchers, and students who come together to work on …

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Spotlight on TESOL/AL Student Yoonah Seong  ☆

Yoonah is a third year TESOL/AL Ed.D student. She received her bachelor’s degree in Korea in English Literature and her Master’s in Applied Linguistics from the University of Hawaii. She is a testing coordinator at TC’s Community English Program and an English teacher at New York University.

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A Learning Lab for Language Teachers: A Look at the Community English Program at Teachers College  ☆

Located in the basement of Horace Mann, the Community English Program (CEP) at TC is hard for anyone to find who’s not looking for it. But for the adults who come from the community to receive English language classes and work with the TESOL and Applied Linguistics majors who teach there, it’s a place they …

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Contrasting Similarities: A Profile of A&H’s Student Teachers  ☆

The Arts & Humanities department currently has 190 student teachers in English, Art, Music, Social Studies and ESL classrooms throughout New York City. Their backgrounds, motivations, and post graduation plans are as diverse as the students they work with each day.

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Conversations from the Classroom: TESOL student teacher Marisa Militello shares her story  ☆

Marisa Militello already knows she is a hardworking, passionate, and caring teacher. But she also knows there is much to gain from her student teaching experience this year. By working alongside her cooperating teacher in a first grade class this semester, she hopes to hone her skills, learning how to challenge and inspire her students, …

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Language Teachers Become Language Students: TESOL Students Take on Guatemala  ☆

This summer, four fellow students from the TESOL K-12 program and I traveled to Guatemala for an intensive Spanish course and a bit of Central American exploration. While we all had varying levels and backgrounds in Spanish, we headed south with the same goal: to get better.

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Spotlight on Alumna Monika Ekiert: “A product of TC!”  ☆

Dr. Monika Ekiert received her doctorate in Applied Linguistics (AL) from TC in May, 2010. She also holds a Master of Arts degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from TC.  She has collectively spent nine years at the college in a variety of capacities (including a revamp of the Community Language …

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