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Sounds of Belonging: Fulbright Scholar Ailbhe Kenny on Communities of Musical Practice 

Dr. Ailbhe Kenny by Linda Flores In the midst of a hectic week of spring finals and performances, students and faculty gathered on a Tuesday evening to support and learn from Fulbright scholar, Ailbhe Kenny. Dr. Kenny, an Irish native, split her studies in the U.S. between Teachers College and New York University. She holds …

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BBE Annual Speaker Series: Dr. Elana Shohamy on Equitable Testing of Multi-Bilingual Populations 

Speaking with fervent urgency, Dr. Elana Shohamy's presentation at Teachers College, “Critical Issues of Assessment of Multi-Bilingual Populations,” focused on challenging language tests, the penalization of multilingual and immigrant populations and recognizing the advantages of bilingualism rather than the problems many claim it incurs.

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Research into Language Acquisition in the First Stages Presented in AL/TESOL Lecture 

Teachers College welcomed Associate Professor of English and Linguistics Rebekah Rast from The American University of Paris, France on December 16, 2015. Professor Rast arrived to a crowded reception of Applied Linguistics and TESOL students eager to hear emerging findings from one of the pioneers of language acquisition at first exposure.

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Professor James Paul Gee Inspires at APPLE Lecture 

This year’s 15th Annual APPLE Lecture Series opened to a reception of nearly 100 students, faculty and visitors to hear Professor James Paul Gee of Arizona State University. As part of an ongoing effort to collaborate with students, the Applied Linguistics and TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) program asked students to …

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New AL/TESOL Lecturer Beth Clark-Gareca at Fall Brown Bag Luncheon 

Dr. Clark-Gareca is the newest lecturer to join the AL and TESOL program this fall. The presentation for this installment of the Brown Bag Lunch focused on Dr. Clark-Gareca’s dissertation entitled, “Sometimes an F+ is Good: Elementary English Language Learners and Classroom Content Tasks.”

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2015 APPLE Lecture 

The Applied Linguistics (AL) and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Program hosts their annual APPLE Lecture on Friday, February 6. This year’s speaker is Professor James Paul Gee, the Mary Lou Fulton Presidential Professor of Literacy Studies and Regents’ Professor at Arizona State University. Professor Gee’s evening lecture is titled, “Language, the …

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‘Living As Learning’ at Teachers College 

This text was originally published here: By Jeff Farr Teachers College Professor David Hansen Professors Jim Garrison and Larry Hickman introduced their new dialogue book, coauthored with Daisaku Ikeda, at Teachers College, Columbia University on November 15, 2014. Living As Learning: John Dewey in the 21st Century, published by Dialogue Path Press, brings together the …

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The Educational Philosophy of Minoru Murai 

The purpose of this lecture is to introduce the educational philosophy of the Japanese contemporary thinker, Minoru Murai. His theories are well known in Japanese philosophical circles. However, his educational philosophy has never been translated, likely due to profound cultural differences. This lecture attempts to explain the fundamental question that his philosophy asks of education, …

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Research Contributing to Social Change 

On the weekend of October 3 - 4, 2014, researchers, graduate students and colleagues alike gathered at TC for creating a collaborative learning space once again: We proudly held “The 4th annual meeting of LANSI” (The Language and SocialInteraction Working Group). The topics discussed varied from classroom discourse to medical office interaction, from flirtation on …

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BBE & TESOL/AL Symposium: Foreign Language Learning from Different Perspectives 

Towards the end of Spring Term 2014, the Bilingual Bicultural Education (BBE) program and the TESOL/Applied Linguistics (TESOL/AL) program held their first joint symposium at which M.A. and Ed.M. students from both programs presented their work to the audience. While the TESOL/AL program has always been nested in the Department of Arts and Humanities, the …

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Profile of Maxine Greene, Professor Emerita  ☆

Maxine Greene passed away on  May 29 2014, a couple days after this article went up. As such, this was her final interview. We spoke to her a little over a week before she died at her home. During the interview, she was funny, witty, and engaging. She spoke about her career, her life as …

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TESOL & Applied Linguistics: Adolescent Literacies in Three Urban Contexts 

On Friday, April 11, the Applied Linguistics/TESOL Program held its 14th APPLE Lecture Series that consisted of two lectures by Professor Alister Cumming from University of Toronto. In the first lecture titled “Assessing Multiple Dimensions of Adolescent Literacies in a Multicultural Context,” Cumming presented a year-long case study on 21 adolescents from culturally diverse backgrounds …

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Karen Korematsu Visits TC: A Story of Perseverance, Possibility, and Praxis  ☆

Karen Korematsu, daughter of Japanese-American civil rights activist Fred Korematsu, gave an intimate portrayal of an unassuming man who took a stand for justice. Korematsu told her father’s story on March 26 in a talk called “A Legacy of Civil Wrongs and Rights: Korematsu v. United States …

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Bilingual Students with Learning Disabilities: Expansive Learning Opportunities in Science 

When Dr. Patricia Martínez-Álvarez had told her friend’s Spanish- English bilingual son, Sebastian, who has a learning disability, “Hello” in Spanish, he responded, “How old are you?” She approached her friend to tell her that it might be considered socially inappropriate to ask the age of an adult. Her friend, however, explained that immediately after …

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