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Q&A with Professor Richard Jochum, Creative Technologies Symposium Organizer 

By Carie Donnelson In preparation for Art and Art Education’s third Creative Technology Symposium on Friday, May 6, we sat down with Organizer Richard Jochum, Associate Professor of Art & Education and Creative Technology Certificate (CTC) Coordinator to talk about its evolution. Here, Professor Jochum discusses the Creative Tech Symposium’s evolution, students as …

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Berklee City Music Summit in Partnership with TC Music Ed Engenders Shared Learning and Student Engagement 

By Linda Flores for the Music and Music Education Program Berklee at TC TC Music Ed launched an exciting new partnership with Berklee College of Music this fall when it hosted their annual Berklee City Music Summit. The College supports the Berklee City Music Network, a consortium of 47 organizations that offers scholarships, individualized mentoring, and …

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New Creative Technologies Certificate to be Featured on PBS 

TC’s new Creative Technologies Certificate in Art and Art Education will be featured on PBS’s MetroFocus show this Thursday, February 18

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Breathing within the History: The Ever Evolving History of Macy 55 Studio 

By Sohee Koo During two years I worked as a 3D fellow at Teachers College, I was fortunate to witness the gradual process and new changes that converted the sculpture studio, Macy 55, to a new Fab lab space. Our program director Dr. Judith Burton’s long journey and vision is to transform the …

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Behind the Scenes of Online Teaching and Global Education 

Online education appear to be transforming the expectations of educators and can offer a richness to teacher education programs. We talk to three doctoral students from the Social Studies Education program who have served as Teaching Assistants for courses in the Global Competence Certificate to learn about the possibilities.

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Profile of Catherine Box, Instructor for Arts and Humanities  ☆

What brought you to TC? Why did you want to study here? Before TC, I had been teaching English at a high school in Paris. The school I was working in considered me an expert on teaching English simply because I was a native English speaker. In fact, as time went on, I realized that …

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Alumni Profile with Jessica Hochmann  ☆

Jessica Hochman (MA 2000, PhD 2009) is an assistant professor at Pratt Institute School of Information and Library Science (SILS) and the LMS (school library) Program Coordinator. She teaches courses on teaching and learning in libraries; whether, how and why to use technology for instruction; literacy practices; and educational foundations. Research interests include the nexus of youth …

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Student Spotlight: Christine de Michele  ☆

Singer-songwriter, interdisciplinary artist and Master’s of Music Education student, Christine de Michele, blurs the lines between art forms, musical genres and performance practices. Join her on a visual and musical journey at her Master’s Recital Fast Forward Play Pause on Friday, May 11th at 7 p.m. in Milbank Chapel.

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Ludovico Pratesi on Italian Video Today 

The exhibition is Italian Video Today – Double Identity, curated by Ludovico Pratesi and Shara Wasserman, and features the work of eighteen contemporary Italian artists who use video as their main form of expression.

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The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for ‘Superman’ and One Teacher’s Two Cents  ☆

Last fall, Waiting For ‘Superman,’ a documentary about the charter school movement in the US, hit theaters nationwide. It brought with it a tidal wave of media attention, shining a spotlight on the charter vs. public school debate. As a public school teacher, the film of course grabbed my attention. Its main tenets are that …

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Imagination Conversations  ☆

Former dancer and author of Imagination First, Scott Noppe-Brandon came to the Creativity, Play, and the Imagination Across Disciplines conference to talk about Imagination Conversations, a project of the Lincoln Center Institute. The project brings together experts from diverse fields to discuss the importance of imagination.

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Interactive Museums: Unique Ways of Eliciting Responses to Art  ☆

The second day of the Creativity, Play, and the Imagination across Disciplines conference at Teachers College began with a panel discussion on innovative museum practices in Horace Mann 146. An audience compromised of mostly museum employees; staff from the UK’s Tate, as well as personnel from New York’s American Museum of Natural History, listened to …

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History Lessons and Games: How can they work together?  ☆

The Teachers College Creativity, Play, and Imagination three-day conference got underway May 26, 2011. After an opening dialogue about creativity and change with TC’s emerita professor Dr. Maxine Greene and the University of Michigan’s Dr. Fred Goodman, participants had lunch and broke into groups to attend lectures, workshops and panel discussions. In Horace Mann 152, …

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Social Issue Media Festival 

Another exciting upcoming event at TC! The Social Issue Media Festival asks: What moves us? How can you inspire someone in just a few minutes? How does the medium shape the message, and how does the message shape the medium? These questions are at the heart of the Social Issue Media Festival. Initiated as a …

The Symposium is just around the corner, and if the exciting events of Thursday and Friday weren't enough, TC will also be hosting the Social Issue Media Festival on Wednesday, April 27th from 5-6:30 with a reception to follow. If you're interested in creativity, this is another TC event that you should check out! Visit …

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Arts Administration launches its new website 

This week the Program in Arts Administration launched its new website, designed by second-year student Vassiliki Giannopoulos.  The new site is available at  Please take a look!

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The Latest Issue of Ecogradients, “Territorialities,” is live (and throwing a party) 

Just a quick announcement: the Territorealities issue is now up on the Ecogradients website. It's looking like our deepest issue to date, and we're having a get-together to celebrate: THIS FRIDAY (March 4th), from 3-5pm @ Teachers College, in Horace Mann 152. We'll be very excited to host a special presentation from renegade philosopher Chris …

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Creativity, Imagination and Innovation Symposium 

The Department of Arts and Humanities endorses the intrinsic value of creativity and imagination in education. To that end, we invite you to attend the Creativity, Imagination and Innovation Symposium on April 28th and 29th. Thursday, April 28: 6 PM to 9 PM Reception in Macy Gallery Experiential Workshops in Creativity (Paint Images, Join a …

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Rosetta Stone on Campus! 

The Rosetta Stone is finally here! Brought to you by the Student Senate, the Rosetta Stone language learning software is now available for your use here at Teachers College. This award winning program uses a method that mirrors the way first languages are learned. Through this software, you will be able to study English, Spanish …

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TECH FELLOWs appointments for SPRING 

Dear Student: Academic Computing Services is hiring for the position of TECH FELLOW. This position requires the tech fellow to work one on one with faculty to introduce TC APPS and help them with the new Moodle/Google teaching and learning platform. The Tech fellow will help faculty put course content online as well as give …

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CLASS: Tech Trends In Art Education 

A&HA 4089: Tech Trends In Art Education Section 001: Teaching and Learning with the Web (CRN 51286, Tuesdays, 7:00-9:00 PM) investigates the web as an environment for teaching and learning. The question we’ll ask is: how can we engage the web to enhance our effectiveness and enjoyment of the teaching process? First is to see …

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