Paper Presentations at the 2013 Diversity in Research and Practice Conference ☆

Zechariah Chiang
Department of History and Education, Arts and Humanities

This past Friday and Saturday, April 19th and 20th, Teachers College held its
2013 Diversity in Research and Practice Conference (DiRP). The theme of this
year’s conference was “Changing the Game: Expanding Discourses in Research.”
The Saturday morning sessions featured scholars from a variety of institutions
ranging from Harvard, to Teachers College all the way to the University of
Glasgow, present their conference papers.

Topics of papers presented were diverse, reflecting the different academic disciplines of scholars from sociological, historical, musical and educational backgrounds. Topics ranged from The Education of Incarcerated Youth, presented by Lynette Tannis of Harvard University, to The Pedagogy of Confidence in
an Urban Youth Choir
, presented by Nicole Becker of Teachers College.  Apart from the theme of the conference it self, a theme
that seemed to permeate many of the papers presented was the involvement
of the child in the construction of his/her own education – a key tenet of
constructivism, learning theory.

With over thirty scholars presenting throughout the day, and many more in
attendance, there were ample opportunities throughout the course of the day
to network, mingle and develop research relationships. The provision of a
free lunch and a room purposed towards congregating and mingling, not only
provided scholars with opportunities to meet but also supplied a nice and
informal contrast the formal nature of the paper presentations, making the
conference both fun and a great learning experience.